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Here's the video that show you how it is done

Save Costs with Auto-Scaling and Flexi Pricing

Did you know that most of the time the machines you bought are mostly unutilized
and you really paying for something you don't use, but then when you need it,
it takes time get it.

With SKALICloud+, we offer you the flexible pricing where your system scales up and
down on demand and real time. Auto scaling up will give you resources when you
system requires it for example your launching an online registration system and
the registration will be high during the launch.

What about when the system does not require high demand? Yes , SKALICloud+ will
also auto scale down and this will save you substantial cost.

The savings are big with up to 73% in some of our customers and server density
increase by 30%. Simply put you get more power with
less resources by 30%.


Save Resources and Money

SKALICloud+ fully elastic scalability means that server utilization is significantly
increased, with at least 30% improvements in density. SKALICloud+ users have
saved up to 73% of server resources and cost when compared to solutions that
allocate fixed VMS or large blocks of resource


It's all automated

And did we tell you it's all automatic? You can set according to your budger or by
resources required. With SKALICloud+, scaling up or down will be done automatically,
You don't need to interrupt your schedule to fiddle around with your servers.

SKALICloud+ dynamically allocates granular units of resource to applications called
"Cloudlets". Each cloudlet represents 128MB RAM and 200MHZ CPU. The minimum
and maximum amount of resources that the application can consume is set by the
user via the user interface or API.

SKALICloud+ automatically scales resources up and down within a single server
or across multiple servers based on the application load.


SKALICloud+ has both vertical and horizontal scaling. Sounds high tech but simply put
it means that CPU and RAM power sill automatically vertically increase in within a
Cloudlet (your virtual server) or horizontally scale across many cloudlets automatically.

If the application requires more resources, SKALICloud+ will provide the resources and
if not utilized it will re-channel it back to the Cloud. You can set this for dynamic auto
scaling (variable as per demand by your system) or set a minimum and
maximum resource threshold.

Once you have environment set up by signing in, you are given 14 days free and after
that you can start using your environment from as low as RM25/ USD7 credit payment.

Contact us at enquiries@skali.net if you need something long term
because we can give you cheaper rates.



Getting set up with SKALICloud+ is easy and will take you a few minutes.

Step 1     – Click "Get Started" at the top of the page.
Step 2     – Choose from the many world-class solutions available or click on the "I don't want any solutions" link to get the processing power without any solutions.
Step 3     – Register
Step 4     – You will get the activation email for you to use SKALICloud+

Your environment is set up and your ready to go in just a in less then 3 minutes.



In this age of the web, it's the fast, not the big, that will win.

With SKALICloud+ you will sure be fastest among the herd. We have over
100 solutions for every aspect of your business, from collaboration to project
management and planning.

Most of these solutions are free and you can use them immediately
right your environment is set up.

Click Here to explore the many solutions available.



No organization is the same and that is why SKALI offers customize solutions to your need. After the environment is set up,
our representative will be contacting you to know your customize needs
and how we can further maximize the web for you.

Email to enquiries@skali.net and let us know of your needs.
We are here to help.