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The cloud is a service where computing and software is accessed through the internet and does not require physical installation.
Hardware and software does'nt matter to the user and is already placed into the cloud where available resources are
requested by the user.

Simply put the Cloud can be simplified with an analogy of buying vs renting a car. Instead of buying a car, you can now rent a car
and pay when you use it. If you park your car in the parking lot at your office you won't pay for renting the car and only pay when
you are actually driving the car.

You can switch cars for different occasions e.g. Mercedes for work and a MPV for family holiday trips. This way you can have any
type of car what you need for every purpose. When ordering the car, it will take just a few minutes to
the provider to provide the car.



SKALI Cloud+ is SKALI' newest offering to the market to bring innovative products and services and allow our customers to
effectively use the web to meet their needs. SKALI has always pushed to bring cost down and increase the feature benefits.
The web should not be burden but a strategic tool for organisations to become more efficient , bring operational
cost down and increase revenue.


With SKALICloud+ you can get your IT environment with the ready solutions within hours and not months. SKALICloud+ has
over 100 over solutions available. It does not only provide the necessary infrastructure but also the applications for
organisations to capitalise the web faster. From marketing, sales to operations (for example project management
and HR) are readily available on SKALICloud+.


By using SKALICloud+ you will benefit from the following features: -


1) Over 100 solutions for every aspect of your organisation and

  most of them free

2) Using Docker(R) for assembly and portability which allows applications

  and solutions to be easily installed, assembled and portable

3 Want to set a complete cloud environment at your place? Yes , we can do

  that for you too. You provide the hardware we will bring the solution to

  set-up, manage , monitor and scale your cloud.

4) Install your application or use over 100 applications on our SKALICloud+

  in just 3 simple steps. No code changes required.

5) If you a developer or the Cloud Administrator , we will give you a single

  point dashboard for your to easily manage to your IT environment. Yes,

  you can manage it via the mobile app too.

6) Automatically scale within a server across a number of servers. No more

  interrupting your schedule to change your cloud servers

7) Our technology allows high availability which allows your application to

  be load balance, session replication. Replication and balancing can be

  done by live migration and containers without shutting down the virtual

  servers or cloudlets or risking any loss of data.

  SKALI Cloud+ is powered by Jelastic (www.jelastic.com). Jelastic aims

  to make the cloud more simpler and efficient.



SKALICloud+ has a feature to protect your data by the use of scheduled automatic back- up. Backing up the database and storing
your backups in a safe place protects you from any possible data loss. In order to minimize the risk of catastrophic data loss you
have to create a backup copy of your databases to preserve modifications to your data on a regular basis. A well-planned backup
and restore strategy are irreplaceable tools for database protection against data loss caused by a wide variety of failures.

Having valid database backups, you can easily recover your data from a number of failures, such as: media failure; user errors,
for example, dropping a table by mistake; hardware failures, for example, a damaged disk drive or permanent loss of a server;
natural disasters; also backups of a database are useful for routine administrative purposes, such as copying a database from
one server to another, database mirroring and archiving.

Scheduled backups are backups of data that takes place automatically according to a schedule and without additional computer
or user presence.The advantage of using scheduled database backups is obvious: instead of manual backups, a backup process
can be run during off-peak hours when data is unlikely to be accessed, precluding or reducing the
impact of backup window downtime.



SKALICloud+ offers truly flexible and elastic pricing for clients. Our pricing is
based upon resource usage so that clients pay only for resources in use by
applications.Our pricing model is based on units of resource called cloudlets.
Each cloudlet represents approximately 200MHz of CPU and 128MB of RAM.

You can set a minimum number of cloudlets to be reserved for your application
and also set maximum limits should application demand increase. If you
simply want a fixed bill every month, you can set a fixed number of
cloudlets for your environment.

Billing is totally flexible and dynamic and you can change your limits at any time
(or even hibernate your app).

This is the way we help you save costs by maximising
the elasticity of your usage.




How does SKALI Cloud+ fare with other cloud providers like Amazon ?


Frequently, Jelastic is compared with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and
both clouds have a lot in common. SKALICloud+ and Amazon EC2 are
designed to make cloud computing easier. Both web interfaces decrease
any possible issues while creating or managing environments. You have a
wide choice of software stacks and have full control over your instances,
being able to set any required configurations.

Many features and other benefits (similar or totally different) are provided by
both clouds. And, as a result, sometimes it can be difficult for users to make
the right choice. They need to consider all of the pros and cons. In this article,
we would like to highlight one very significant difference between
SKALICloud+ and Amazon EC2 – the pricing system.



The main idea of Amazon EC2 pricing, is that you use a predefined amount of resources within the instances you add. To get
slightly more resources, it's required to buy an instance twice as large which results in paying double the cost.

Even if your application consumes less resources than included in one Amazon instance, you still have to pay for the entire
amount. Moreover, if you want to just resize your current instance, without data migration you should use EBS which costs
significantly more than non-EBS AMIs.

On the opposite end of the scale, SKALICloud+ provides very granular resources allocation. You can change the size of
instances without data migration and extra configurations. Moreover, with SKALICloud+ automatic vertical scaling,
all unused resources are not charged at all.

Besides that, you get a versatile billing model, allowing you to choose between usage based pricing, fixed pricing, or a
combination of both options (Hybrid Pricing). Subsequently, you pay only for the actual resource consumption.

SKALICloud+ also provides automatic volume discounts, so as you use more resources, your pricing automatically decreases.
SKALICloud+ pricing is flexible, dynamic and automatically selects the correct volume discount as you use more resources.
SKALICloud+ ALWAYS provides the lowest pricing model for your application load – automatically.

Jelastic affiliate partners in the US, Europe and South America, have saved
between 75 to 25% savings for these regions respectively.



SC+ Service Level Agreement (SLA)


We guarantee that your stored data and running virtual servers will be available over the internet for 99.5% of the time in any

given calendar year, except for periods of unavailability due to:


• Your payments not covering your use, including but not limited to when your subscriptions or prepaid balance run out.

• Acts or omissions of you or your users. • Software running within your virtual servers.

• Scheduled maintenance which we have announced at least 24 hours in advance.

• Factors outside our control, including but not limited to any force majeure events; failures, acts or missions of our

  upstream providers or failures of the internet.

• Actions of third parties, including but not limited to security compromises, denial of service attacks and viruses.

• Violations of our Acceptable Use Policy.

• Law enforcement activity.


Service Availability


• SKALI's service level is 99.5% or greater availability across all IT services.

  – Weekly: 50m 24.0s

  – Monthly: 3h 39m 8.7s

  – Yearly: 43h 49m 44.8s


Power Availability (TIER3 DC)

  – The power service level availability is 99.982%


Network Availability (TIER3 DC)


• The network shall be available twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days per week,

  as refer to 99.982% service level availability

  – Weekly: 1m 48.9s

  – Monthly: 7m 53.4s

  – Yearly: 1h 34m 40.3s


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