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Server co-location, dedicated server hosting and managed bandwidth services

A colocation is a particular service in the data centre facility where clients can rent the spaces for their servers and technical
equipment. We basically supply the building, bandwidth, power, cooling and the most important one is physical security in
case of any physical incidents happening.

The benefits of colocating are:

•   It has a more secured environment.
•   instead of hiring employees or buying new equipment. You can instantly contact us scale your service up or down.
•   In the case of a natural disaster or a power outage, we have the necessary redundancy such generators
    or alternative ISPs.

Colocating servers can be a hard decision to make, whether you want to save your money and store your servers in the office
or store the servers in a secured area.

But there is surely an obvious answer to this situation, colocating your servers and your equipment at our facilities is a
secured place it, whilst storing it in an office can lead to break ins and large amount of
electric bills from the cooling system needed.

Colocating the servers in our facilities has its extra perks, not only we have computerised security but we also provide physical
security such as security guards to ensure your systems and data are protected.

We also provide dedicated server hosting where we will purchase new servers for you and you can pay on the monthly basis
throughout the contract period. This will save you substantial cashflow.

Dedicated server hosting are dedicated hardware in a network serving your specific needs.
The following benefits can be realised, as follows: -

•   Not sharing the system resources.
•   Do not risk the server being slowed down.
•   No other users in the server so you have a greater degree of security.
•   More memory and disk space

SKALI manages its bandwidth with consistent. We as a business, have a lot of customers data stored in our server, and
therefore we provide a bandwidth with a large amount of space and fast processing speed.


Managed backup, advanced server load balancing, server health monitoring and
other manager services

A managed backup account lets us to backup content from your VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server to an off site
location. But how does it differ from an FTP backup account you may ask? an FTP backup account is not managed, and
therefore, it is up to your responsibility to make sure that backups occur.

Our SKALIxtend services provides load balancing series. What is load balancing? It is dividing the amount of work that has to
do between two or more servers so that more work gets done in a same amount
of time without your system crashing.

Server health monitoring mainly focuses on how a server is acting up. However, the main purpose of a server health
monitoring is to prevent server failure from happening. Without server health monitoring,
the servers will be challenging to manage.

These are some of the main services under our Managed services portfolio.
We are here to to help our customers 24/7 to ensure your systems


Managed infusion prevention system and advanced email anti-virus & anti-spam
protection services

Our data centre is protected with the latest in technologies to ensure unwarranted and unauthorised
assessed to our customers.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) are network security appliances that monitor network and systems for suspicious activities.
IPS could quickly alert and blocks any unauthorised attempts to access our network or our clients servers.

As for our email system, we have protected it with both anti-virus and anti spams software to ensure
our clients's systems are not infected.



On-site professional maintenance & around-the-clock
support services by our experts


End-to-end business continuity and disaster recovery services, with advanced
replication and hight availability solution.

A disaster recovery service is the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers by SKALi to provide failover in the event
of a man-made or natural catastrophes. Not having a disaster recovery service, could lead to losing every customers data,
additional cost and lost of revenue due to business

SKALI provides High Availability (HA) services to you requirements. High availability is referred to a system or a component
that is fully operational with continuous operational longevity . We will recommend and design your HA requirements
that will fit to your financial and technical objectives.